2021, #Augmented-Reality, #3D, #Collaboration

Instructors: Jenny Rodehouse, Ben Hooker
Collaborator: Qi Tan
My contribition: Concept, Visual Design, AR Lens Design, Video Editing, 3D Modeling
Tools: Lens Studio, Blender, Rhino, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect


Inspired by the day-to-day food delivery and the food culture of Los Angeles—one of the most exciting food cities in the country that offers a diverse range of cuisines, All U Can Eat: a Parade of Fusion Cuisine Delivery celebrates digital-first food culture with the most outlandish visual amalgamations of foods.

As the parade happens in augmented reality, All U Can Eat is proposing the impossible in reality but visually striking food types by mixing matching various food textures and forms. It’s a feast for the eyes featuring floats of pasta rice balls, full British breakfast ramen, burger roe sushi, fries with hotpot…etc., tethered on the cars.

Click to enlarge image!

If you wave at the camera, you will receive free donuts & cupcake balloons with rice toppings. Wait until the end as the parade finishes off with condiments, curly fries, and utensils falling from the sky. Are you ready for the most mischievous remix of foods? Step out and join the parade!

This project is featured on 


at ArtCenter DTLA. Scan the QR code and join the AR parade!