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Qi Tan, Jeremy Chen

Design Brief

The Web was built around the concept of requests and responses - a constant back and forth between a server on the Internet and a browser on your computer. As it grew and expanded the need arose to get exchange going not just between a person and a machine but among many machines. A user initiates a single action - a click of a button, a text entry, a page scroll - and the browser triggers a chain of events, most of them hidden behind the veil of the Cloud, to pass around some data from one server to another, like a ball in a pinball machine. The goal of the project is to use the web as a Rube Goldberg Machine. None of those need to be practical, efficient or even reasonable - the focus is on the celebration of the chains of events and the mechanisms that enable them.


I do not know about you, but I have encountered a handful of moms (my mom, moms of my friends), who are quite active on social media and love sharing little moments of their life. But more importantly, they like to check on their kids and even save their pictures. Very inspired by the universal phenomena of Facebook moms, our group, Qi, Jeeremy and I, decided to use IFTTT to create a chain of reactions that can help the moms to keep up with their kids efficiently as well as help kids get notified when they are being tracked.



Concept Iterations

First interation diagram, we try to brainstorm what kind of scenarios will mom try to reach out to their kids and what iterations IFTTT can possibly create for those scenarios. Apart from the scenar of our final delivery, of which the chain ractions will be triggered by the kids posting on social media, we also considered what if the mother can track their kids location, or what if the mom could start sending the kids what’s up text messages, if the kids do not post on social media for two days. 

Below is the diagrram of our final iteration. The kids (me and Qi) will post a picture on instagram respectively, and the posts will trigger our hypothetical Mom, Jeremy, will receive email notification about the post and automatically repost her kids’ post twitter. (Interestingly, our helicopter mom Facebook account is canceled by Facebook because they are not a real person.) The picture on Instagram will be saved to Mom’s album on google drive, and the email notification of the post will be automatically forward to a printer, so Mom will receive a physical photograph of the post. To contest Mom’s tracking, reposting and archiving, the kid will be notified either when the photo has been reposted (Mom alert notification or email alert), or when the photo is archived on google drive.
Final Delivery

Here are the screenshot of kids posting on their Instagram and the notification that they recieved when Mom repost their pictures.

Below is a collection of screenshots when mom receive the email notification when their kids make new posts, Mom retweets the posta on Twittwe, as well as the printer print out the picture of the kid’s post.

And we make a short video for fun to better illustrate our ideas.