#creative-technology, #collaboration

Instructors:Maxim Safioulline, Ben Hooker
Tools: IFTTT
Collaborators: Qi Tan and Jeremy Chen


We do not know about you, but we have encountered a handful of moms (our moms, moms of our friends), who love sharing significant moments of their kids on social media. And they love commenting on their kids’ posts and even saving their pictures. Inspired by the universal phenomena of Facebook moms, our group, Qi, Jeremy, and I, determined to use the platform IFTTT to create an IoT application that helps the moms to keep up with their kids efficiently as well as get the kids notified when they are being tracked by their moms.

Concept Iterations

With this diagram of interactions, we brainstorm the possible scenarios of how the mom could reach out to their kids and what IFTTT could possibly do in those scenarios. We also considered what if the mother can track their kids' location, or what if the mom could send the kids some what’s up text messages if the kids do not post on social media for two days. 

Below is the diagram of our final iteration. The kids (me and Qi) will post a picture on Instagram respectively, and the posts will trigger our hypothetical Mom, Jeremy, to receive an email notification about the posts and automatically repost on her Twitter. (Interestingly, our helicopter mom's Facebook account is canceled by Facebook because they found she is not a real person.) The picture on Instagram will be saved to Mom’s album on google drive, and the email notification of the post will be automatically forwarded to a printer. Last but not least, Mom's printer will automatically print a physical photo the post. To counter our Mom's spying, active reposts, and archiving behaviors, the kids will be notified either when the photo has been reposted (Mom alert notification or email alert), or when the photo is being saved on google drive.
Final Delivery

Here is the screenshot of kids posting on their Instagram, and the notification pops up when Mom reposts their pictures.

Mom receives an email notification when their kids make new posts. Mom retweets the posts on Twitter, and the printer prints out kids' pictures.

We made a short video for fun to better illustrate our ideas.