Landfil Project is an accessory collection of bags build on the idea that everything we carry in our bags are just our personal trash which have specific meanings to us. The collection is created with ideas of anti-capitalism, consumer culture and environmental issues in mind all while being playful and maintaining a sense of humor. Eventually, the bags along with the items inside them will become part of the landfill.

The bags are made out of recycled canvas. Identity, visual, and accessories designs are all done by myself.

The collection includes:
Carry Your Trash phony pack for you to carry phone, wallet and key
No Recipts Please cardholder has no space for receipts
Numb Your Pain oversized shopper’s tote printed with super enlarged tylenol package trash for you to carry all kinds of trash

Campaign Posters

In addition to the accessories line, anyone can request a /*human trash*/ sticker from me with their social media @online_presence.

︎︎︎/*Human trash*/ stickers