2021, #creative-computing, #web-UI, #3D, #visual-design,
#digital-material, #design-research, #research-assistant

Summer research led by Elise Co
Research Assistants: Mavis Cao, Isabelle Chaligne, Jingwei Gu, Miaoqiong Huang, Nanyi Jiang, Fuyao Liu, Qi Tan, Christie Wu with Martin Bernard, Yunying Huang, An Pan
My Contribition: Web Design, 3D Prototyping, Design Research, Visual Design, Creative Coding
Tools & Programs: Blender, Photoshop, Javascript, OpenGL, Three.js, HTML, CSS

Concept Description

Sampler2 is collection of mini projects about digital material based on the research questions proposed by Elise Co:

The four projects included: The Material Loop, Dioramas, Material and the Body, and Attention as a Material Force. You can find full documentation 


The Material Loop

Definition of material
- Anything that can be shaped or formed into something else.
- Explicit link to the physical via root “matter”.

The line between object (or content) and material is sometimes just a matter of quantity. In a world of digital copy-and-paste and algorithmic generation, anything and everything is material. What are the implications of producing material vs something “finished”?

–Elise Co

For this project, I helped generating digital materials, as well as designing and developing The Material Loop web catalog along with Elise, Mavis, Isabelle and Martin.


Browsing and curation as production.
Exploring the formal parameters of digital “space”: - Scale(lessness)
- true 2D (0-thickness plane)
- Simulation of physical world vs abstraction

Diorama 3: Floating Islands is designed by me and excuted by Nanyi and Elise.