#creative-technology, #virtual-space, #quick-fun-experiments


Maxim Safioulline, Ben Hooker


The goal of the project is to experiment with a technology that I have been interested but “””” For me, I have been interested in virtual space construction. I have been playing old video games on the Nintendo DSi since the lockdown. Recently, we also have been seeing quite a lot of early windows, net art aesthetics, touch bar pet (resemblence to Tamagotchi), and flip phone filters on Instagram posts. Even though we often associate virtual simulation and virtual world with video games, I wonder if we can also evoke nostalgia through virtual construction of the spaces that do not necessarily exist in our daily lives anymore.


Blender, Three.js

Final Delivery


It is a less than three week project for us to learn a technology and make something with it. It took me a few days with the help from our instructor to figure out how to import a 3D object (the DVD player) to Three.js. However, by figuring out how to apply image/video texture alone allows me to explore the visual style and interaction with Three.js. At first, I wanted to create a 3D version of scene selection menu, but decided to simulate a DVD rental shop playing movies that I saw when I was a kid instead. Below is a video showing some of my experimentation.