#creative-technology, #speculative-design, #speculative-making


Ebru Kurbak, Ben Hooker

Design Brief

[Instructor Brief] In this project we will consider the materialities, locatedness, process, tools, politics of making, and making's relationship to technology, design and designing. We want to critique/expand established notions of making, and/or complicate ideas about what constitutes a making space.


Prezi, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect

Final Video

The makings spaces of the entire class.︎︎︎

Whoop Juice Lab

︎︎︎Mercury Rising Cleansing Juice︎︎︎

Constantly being reminded by the wellness industry to achieve a better and brighter self through ingesting the ostentatious naming supplements, our social media (at least mine!) is often flooded with the ads of magic powder/capsules that come in luxurious looking jars. On the other hand, supplement making is poorly regulated, and numerous reports show how many supplements actually don’t include the actual ingredients on their ingredient list. I’m very intrigued by the celebrity wellness culture fueled by Goop and the high-end juice places in Los Angelos. As I was researching the holistic wellness juice bars, I read an interview of a supplement brand founder who talks about the brand was incentivized by her comic calling. Pondering on cosmic calling and self-healing phrases, I imagined making esoteric cleansing juices with ingredients of space dust, soil from 1000 years ago, tropical mud, and astroid at a space lab. The lab video was juxtaposed with the sound recording of mercury, where I made the “Mercury Rising cleasing Juice”.

In the first few drafts I experimented with fish eye lenses attempting to create the mystique of the juice making. However, it is difficult to capture the details of the object and the space as a when the camera is fixed in a certain position. In addition, real food ingredients were present but was taken out for the final delivery. After some careful consideration due to the speculative nature of the project, I decided that the juice should be made out of obscure and hard to source ingredients that possibly do not exist on earth.